Lake Kids Camp

2020 Weekend Camp at Lake Community Church is a sure way to make a splash into God's faithfulness!

Join us at Lake Community Church for an amazing under the sea adventure! Kids will go deeper in their faith, celebrating God's unfathomable love and faithful friendship. They'll scoop up a whole school of friends as they discover that


Fun Undersea

Your child will set out on an under-the-sea adventure of a life time, without realizing they have not left land! Each activity will transport them underway, while they learn the unfailing love God has for them!

  • Music and More: Your child will start their adventure each day with worship, learning the Bible Point and Bible Versus, along with splashing underway with our amazing MC and Diver Dan.

  • Deep Bible Adventure: Our bible adventures will transport each child into a new world where they will learn all about God's faithful love enduring forever. Each day your child will learn a new bible story, enforcing their deepening faith in God.

  • Sea Crafts: Each day kids will create a fun sea turtle to remind them of all they've learned during their underwater adventure at Anchored.

  • Anchors Away Play: During this time kids will play under-the-sea inspired games that reinforces the Bible Point that they have learned in a fun and energetic way!

  • Coral Reef Closing: This last station kids and leaders all gather for lots of fun-filled activities that will strengthen what they have learned! This is where your child will be able show off what they have learned in a fun and interactive way!

Date & Time

Rescheduling: Check back for more details!


Have Questions?

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