What's Next

Lake Kids up coming series

Lake Kids is here for the whole family. We will be showing you our upcoming series in

hope that your family will be able to grow stronger.

Ways to use this information:

1) Know what your child will be learning so you are better able to aid in questions they may have.

2) Plan family devotions around the biblical stories they will be learning.

3) Plan family activities that practice the biblical values taught.


Fuse Lesson

January: A Baby and a Bush

God made you to do big things for Him! And you don’t even have to be a grown-up to do it! Just show God you are strong for Him by obeying in the little stuff more each day.


January: Wise Choices

Can kids really make wise choices? Yes! When wisdom comes from God, it isn’t always all about how old you are or how much life experience you have! God will give wisdom to anyone who asks Him for it.


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