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Lake Kids up coming series

Lake Kids is here for the whole family. We will be showing you our upcoming series in

hope that your family will be able to grow stronger.

Ways to use this information:

1) Know what your child will be learning so you are better able to aid in questions they may have.

2) Plan family devotions around the biblical stories they will be learning.

3) Plan family activities that practice the biblical values taught.


Fuse Lesson

January: The First Sin

The story of God's grace begins in the Garden of Eden. This lesson walks your preschoolers through the first sin of Adam and Eve. The First Sin teaches our Fuse Kids how to weigh if something is a sin or not and how to obey God because He cares for us. 

February:Through the Roof

This lesson walks your preschoolers through the story of the sick man who was lowered through the ceiling by his friends so that Jesus could heal him. Through the Roof teaches our Fuse Kids about the love and healing power of Jesus, and the faith we can have in Him. 


January: Maturity

When you make Jesus the leader of your life, you become a baby all over again whether you’re a kid or an adult. Jesus makes us clean and new. He changes us from the inside out. But, like babies, our clean heart has to learn how to grow and mature. Being a baby is okay when you’re actually a baby. In fact, it’s pretty cute. But kids and adults who choose to start following Jesus need to mature and grow. It’s not okay to stay a baby in your heart.

February: Diversity

Every single part of the human body works together to keep the body working and healthy. The body of Jesus is the same way. It is made up of all different kinds of people. Each person has a special way to serve God and others that will keep the body healthy and sharing the love of Jesus with the whole world. We can appreciate the unique ideas, talents, abilities, struggles, and experiences each of our brothers and sisters have. When we come together, listen to each other, and respect each other, we can remember what is the same for all of us: Jesus loves us, we love Him, and He helps us love each other so we can share Jesus’ love with the world.


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