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Welcome to Lake Kids!

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Here at Lake Kids, it is our goal to help your children grow in their love and understanding of Jesus.

About Lake Kids

Through the education program Grow, your children will experience fun games, stories and application of God's word. Each month will have a new and exciting theme to teach scripture in a fun memorable way.

Nursery: This room is intended for 6 months old through bathroom trained.

Pre K: This room is intended for bathroom trained through preschool.

K-5: This room is intended for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Security and safety of your children is our #1 priority! Using name tags with randomly generated ID number that is displayed on your child's name tag and the pick up tag that is given to you the parent helps us ensure that only you or those you have designated can pick up your children!

If you have further questions or would like to be a volunteer in our Lake Kids program, you can contact our Lake Kids director Ashley at (602) 432-4147 or email at!

Current Series

April 2024 - WOW!

Whether it's a rocket powered by soda and mints or a tornado in a water bottle, there's so much in our world that can fill us with awe. The world of STEM is full of things that look like little miracles, but they're nothing compared to the miracles that God can perform. This month , kids will take a look at some of the miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry. Through stories showing the power of Jesus, they'll no doubt go Wow! Jesus has the power to heal, to calm our fears, to provide, and to save.



April 7th 2024 - This week we kick of our new series Wow! In this series we are going to learn all about the miracles performed by Jesus! We read Luke 7:1-10 the faith of the centurion and how because of his faith in Jesus, Jesus healed the centurions servant from a great distance. We also made our own first aid kits to help heal our friends. Each Sunday our Lake kids will be doing Thought Experiments, each week will ask the kids thought provoking questions about Jesus and they will write down their thoughts in the notebook. At the end of the series they will take the notebooks home so they will always be able to reflect on their thoughts. We did a volcano experiment with backing soda and vinegar to show the kids how prayer and caring for our friends can boost there healing!

Glow In the Dark!

March 31st 2024 - JESUS HAS RISEN! This week we concluded and celebrated our series with the resurrection of Jesus, our Lake kids learned about Jesus rising from the grave and what His disciples did and how they coped with the loss of their teacher and friend. We then read about what the disciples did when they discovered that Jesus was alive. We read all this from John 20:1-18. In celebration we made and colored resurrection tombs and made cross keychains to remind us that God is always with us in our time of need because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

March 24th 2024- Easter is almost here! This week as we gear up for Easter and continue our journey with Jesus to His resurrection. Our Lake kids learned about Jesus' death and how sad things like our Lord dying on the cross makes us feel and how God hears our cries and is always with us. We read from the book of Luke, chapter 23:32-49 and Psalm 31: 9-16. Our Lake kids made crying rocks to remind them that when we are sad Jesus is always with us.

March 17th 2024- This week we continue our path to easter and the resurrection. We read from Mark chapter 15 we learned about the power of choice and how it can be hard to make the right choice because of the influence of others. The Lake kids played a game with tea lights that showed how when we spread the light of Jesus we can light a dark room! We read Jeremiah 31:31-34 and learned of the promise that God made to the Israelites and how no matter what they did wrong God always forgave them.

March 10th 2024- This Week we learned how Jesus is the light in the darkness! We read about the last supper in Mark chapter 14 and how Jesus gave us communion to remember Him. Our Lake kids got to experience some object lessons on how light flows. We read John 3;16-21 and learned that Jesus is a bright light and exposes the darkness.

Mar. 3rd 2024- This Sunday we kicked off our new series Glow In The Dark! our Lake Kids walked into a room of black light and glowing colors! The kids got to see Jesus shine in John 2:13-22 as He cleared out the temple. They learned how Jesus light shines in us in Matthew 5:14-16. Our Lake Kids learned their new memory verse too! Psalm 27:1a "The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?"


Feb. 18th 2024- This Week our Lake kids blasted off once again into space to learn how to "launch" our faith in Jesus to new heights! They read John 13:1-17.34-35 and learned about Jesus washing His disciples feet and how doing what is considered a lowly job was worth doing for His disciples to show them how much He loved them. In our activity Mrs. Ashley washed the feet of some of our Lake Kids and they were so excited that they washed each others feet! Some of our kids even went home and washed their parents feet!

Feb. 11th 2024- This week our Lake Kids blasted off into space and learned about how to connect with people in our lives! They read Mark 2:1-12 and learned about how the paralyzed man's friends stopped at nothing to help get their friend to Jesus to be healed. In our activity we worked together to make an egg parachute! we were successful and no eggs were harmed or broken in the process!